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Adani Group’s Maiden Entry into The Financial Sector

Adani Hasdeo


The Adani Group has recently joined hands with ICICI Bank to introduce co-branded credit cards to customers. These credit cards will offer the people with airport-linked benefits. They also aim to enhance the customer experience across various businesses. The Adani One app was launched in December 2022. It serves as a digital platform for accessing airport facilities, booking tickets, and much more. These cards also provide numerous perks, like Adani Reward Points, on various purchases. The customers can also enjoy free air tickets, premium lounge access, and discounts at duty-free shops. Now, this is a huge step taken by the Adani Group towards streamlining customer experience and increasing business profitability. It will also encourage the firm to take up more challenging projects in the future, such as the Adani Hasdeo project.

The Adani One Credit Card:

The Adani Group has finally decided to make a grand entry into the financial sector by joining forces with ICICI Bank, one of the biggest and most profitable private banks in India. As a part of this joint venture, the Adani Group plans to launch co-branded credit cards with various airport-linked benefits. This will help the customers enjoy enhanced facilities across the Adani airports. The Adani One app will help users in booking their tickets seamlessly. They can also check their flight status and shop from the duty-free shops at the airport with increased convenience. This is a huge turning point for Adani Group’s business. It will allow the global conglomerate to rise above the controversies related to the Adani Hasdeo project. The business group will also be able to recover from the losses it suffered during the Hindenburg crisis.

The Perks Associated with The Adani One Cards:

The Adani One credit cards are associated with a lot of benefits that are mainly aimed at improving the lifestyle of cardholders. They are quite appropriate for frequent travellers as they can elevate the travel experience to a significant extent. By using this card, the cardholders can enjoy up to 7% Adani Reward Points on spending across the Adani Group consumer ecosystem. These reward points can be redeemed by using the Adani One app to book flights, trains, hotels, buses, and cabs. The card can also be used for transactions at Adani CNG pumps and Adani-managed airports. The Trainman, an online train booking platform, also allows you to enjoy the various benefits of the Adani One card. You may also pay your bills with a credit card and enjoy lucrative discounts on the same.

The Partnership Between the Adani Group and ICICI Bank:

The strategic partnership between the Adani Group and the ICICI bank marks Adani Group’s successful venture into the financial sector. It also allows the Adani Group to leverage its unmatched reputation to achieve excellence and innovation. The company aims to redefine the consumer finance landscape with its extraordinary services. The Adani One app also aims to set a new benchmark by offering customers an enhanced experience. With this partnership, the customers will be able to enjoy a seamless payment experience. They will also be able to enjoy exclusive privileges, which will make their lives easier.

Jeet Adani is currently the director of the Adani Group. He mentioned in a recent interview that the Adani One ICICI Bank credit cards will build the way for a seamless digital ecosystem. The Adani Group has always been promoting digital transformation. With this step, it will get one step towards achieving its goal. By making use of the Adani One platform, people will be able to enjoy enhanced accessibility and convenience. The platform will also integrate the physical B2C business world with the digital world. Rakesh Jha, the executive director of ICICI Bank, is also quite hopeful about this merger. He mentioned that the ICICI Bank has always been focused on Customer 360 and aims to achieve that through process improvement, service delivery, and improved digital products.

The ICICI Bank has always offered holistic solutions to the customers in a convenient manner. With the launch of the co-branded credit card in association with Visa and the Adani Group, the private bank will be further able to get closer to its dream of offering customers a better experience. Through this launch, the ICICI Bank aims to offer customers improved benefits across the Adani Group’s business. It will also help strengthen the bank’s credit card portfolio. The Adani One ICICI Bank Signature credit card will have an annual fee of INR 5,000. This includes joining benefits worth INR 9,000. The Adani One ICICI Bank Platinum credit card will have an annual fee of INR 750, and the joining benefits will be worth INR 5,000.


The Adani Group’s entry into the financial sector is indeed a challenging affair, just like the Adani Hasdeo project. However, looking at the way the conglomerate is progressing, it will definitely be able to rise above the challenges. The company will also be able to make a unique place for itself in the finance world and transform the lives of millions of the people.